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Andria's Donuts

“ANDRIA’S DONUTS” is an exclusively Greek enterprise, specialized in the production of donuts, which for the last 18 years has been producing high quality products. Our main concern is to maximise our customers’ and final consumers’ satisfaction. All our products are produced in our workshop in Athens, which complies with all health & hygiene requirements. We, at Andria’s Donuts, are certain that if you try our products, you will become a fan! Call us at 210 7703233 and a specialized staff member will get in touch with you.




- Production in a pure and traditional way.

- Selected products from certified suppliers.

- Strict hygiene standards.

- Service of the whole of Attica and the rest of Greece with representatives of the province.


- Maintaining our credibility and honesty.

- Continue to respect our customers and suppliers.

- Continuous evolution of our know-how and production method.

- Ensuring the education-information and development of our employees.